Celebrating Pride Month

Pride Month

Celebrating Pride Month At WMPS, we’re dedicated to serving everyone in our Lakeshore communities without exception by providing mental health resources and support. This June, we proudly sponsor the Lakeshore Pride Festival in Holland. This partnership reflects our commitment to providing equal mental health opportunities for all, ensuring everyone feels respected and supported in their […]

4 Steps to Break Out of Languishing


Have you heard of languishing? In the psychology community, it can be described as a lack of mental health. Signs include fatigue, dissatisfaction, detachment, and an overall struggle to be positive or happy about life. At WMPS, we want to provide you with resources and support to help you improve your mental health so you […]

4 Ways To Combat Your Anxiety


Dealing with anxiety can be an isolating experience. At WMPS, we want to equip you with strategies and tips to help de-escalate your overwhelming feelings.  Sleep No matter what season of life you are in, prioritizing sleep during life’s chaos is challenging. Sleep is a fundamental aspect of your overall well-being. Staying up later or […]

Women Pioneers in Psychology

Women in Psychology

Women have changed how we think about Psychology  In celebration of National Women’s History Month, we are taking the time to shine a light on the strong and intelligent women who have continued to advance and change the field of Psychology throughout history. As a woman-owned business, we are grateful for all of the women […]

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy

Image of a woman having EMDR therapy administered

EMDR Therapy 101: Treatment Process & How to Get Started Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy, or EMDR, is an eight-step neurological treatment utilized in a therapeutic setting to identify, challenge, and reprocess negative core beliefs. Francine Shapiro developed this neurological approach in the late 1980s while completing her dissertation. It was initially named EMD, […]

The Art of Procrastinating: Making Time for Ourselves and Our Happiness

You Matter Blog Graphic

In our busy lives, we often find it challenging to prioritize ourselves and our own happiness. From managing career responsibilities to fulfilling family commitments, it seems like we are always running on a never-ending treadmill. As a result, we end up procrastinating when it comes to taking time out for ourselves. In this blog post, […]

A Silent Mental Health Battleground

To Do Blog Graphic

The pressure to succeed in school often feels overwhelming in today’s competitive world. From a young age, students are bombarded with expectations to excel academically, get into prestigious universities, and secure a prosperous future. While striving for success can be a positive motivator, the persistent burden to meet high standards in education can harm a […]

The Power of Self-Care: Celebrating and Promoting Global Self-Care Day 

Self Care blog graphic

Self-care is not just a trendy buzzword, but an essential aspect of maintaining a healthy mind and body. Our fast-paced and demanding lives often leave us feeling overwhelmed and burnt out. It is during these times that self-care becomes crucial. To emphasize the significance of self-care, we celebrate an annual event known as Self-Care Day—an […]