insurance and policies

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While many therapist offices have moved toward private pay, West Michigan Psychological Services accepts insurance. We currently accept Aetna, Blue Cross, Blue Care Network, McLaren, Medicaid & Medicare, Meridian, Molina, Priority Health, and United Health Care. We also accept HSA cards. Since many types of plans and coverage can vary, please call our office to determine if your plan covers therapy sessions. Our staff will verify and explain your coverage before your first appointment.

Accrual Policy

Client accounts that accrue $300.00 or more must have a payment plan on file. This payment plan will be created with your provider. Our Billing Administrator will also contact clients with account balances of over $300.00 to collect updated payment information. Clients will be notified that a Payment Authorization form is being sent through the Therapy Notes portal. If payment information is not updated within 48 hours or two business days of a documented phone call with the Billing Administrator, you will no longer be eligible to continue services with our clinical providers. Please get in touch with our Billing Administrator to address any outstanding account balances at 616-232-0388.

No Show & Cancellation Policy

Late cancellations are considered any cancellation within a specified time window ahead of the visit up to the start time of the visit. No-show visits is any visit in which the client does not arrive or communicate their non-arrival to staff to cancel the visit. A no-show fee will also be applied to clients who call to cancel a visit after their scheduled start time.

Clients will incur a late cancellation and no-show fee in the following circumstances: 

Medical Appointments with the Nurse Practitioner

Intake Appointments with the Nurse Practitioner

Testing and Assessment Appointments 

General Therapy Appointments 

Please note that West Michigan Psychological Services reserves the right to discharge you for services for missing two intake appointments, three medical appointments, two testing appointments, or at the provider’s discretion. Unacceptable behavior in the office may lead to an immediate end of and discharge from services. 

Secondary State Medicaid Billing:

As of January 1, 2024: West Michigan Psychological Services will no longer participate in billing secondary State Medicaid insurance coverage for new clients. Clients with active services as of December 31st, 2023 who also have secondary State Medicaid Secondary will continue to be billed as they are currently.

For any new clients entering active services we will first bill primary insurance or primary commercial Medicaid plans. We will not participate in billing secondary State Medicaid plans. Clients with secondary State Medicaid plans will be responsible for any remaining balance on their account not covered by primary insurance. All clients will continue to be required to have a payment authorization form completed with an active form of payment on file.

As a Practice, we will work to keep clients informed of our billing process. When completing insurance checks clients will be informed of the potential of accruing balances due to this billing change. We hope to work with clinical staff, clients, and families to make this a smooth transition and will work to notify necessary parties of secondary State Medicaid coverage.