Sex-Positive and Culturally Responsive Counseling Services

Have you been misunderstood or mistreated because of your identity? Do you want a space to share, explore, and understand your identity? Are you simply looking for a therapist who gets what it’s like to have gender or sexual diversity? West Michigan Psychological Services supports and advocates for you and your unique care needs.
We offer therapy sessions and psychological assessments in Spanish as well / También ofrecemos sesiones de terapia y evaluaciones psicológicas en español.
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You Are Not Alone

We understand that while LGBTQ+ kids and adults face the same struggles and hardships as everyone else, their lives come with other unique challenges and stressors, such as:

  • Coming to terms with one’s identity
  • Mistreatment, marginalization, and abuse
  • Dealing with rejection and misunderstanding from family and friends
  • Coping with stigmatized illnesses (e.g., HIV)
  • Body or sex shaming
  • Pressure and heteronormativity from society

Too many people within the queer community feel alone, isolated, and unsupported, and to make matters worse, few therapists are trained to help support the LGBTQ+ community. This leaves many individuals who seek help feeling unheard and misunderstood by their therapists. At WMPS, we strive to change this narrative and provide the therapy support that LGBTQ+ clients deserve.

Find Yourself, Be Yourself, Love Yourself

West Michigan Psychological Services (WMPS) offers therapy for members of the LGBTQ+ community just like you.  As advocates and members, we share a passion for fostering inclusivity and love for all people, and we see our therapy services as a way to further that movement.

LGBTQ+-friendly therapy helps you (or your child) find, be, and love yourself. Whether you are questioning and exploring, facing a crisis, or simply looking for a space to be understood, you should feel at home with your therapist.

Therapy can help you:

  • Build a sense of self-worth and love
  • Rebuild relationships with friends and family
  • Discover new aspects of your unique personality
  • Deal with stress, depression, and anxiety
  • Recover from painful experiences
  • Learn to love yourself as you are


You deserve to feel supported, respected, and affirmed within a safe space to explore and deeply understand yourself. Get in touch to start on your care journey today!

Get started with LGBTQ+ supportive therapy at West Michigan Psychological Services

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