4 Ways To Combat Your Anxiety

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Dealing with anxiety can be an isolating experience. At WMPS, we want to equip you with strategies and tips to help de-escalate your overwhelming feelings. 


No matter what season of life you are in, prioritizing sleep during life’s chaos is challenging. Sleep is a fundamental aspect of your overall well-being. Staying up later or only getting a few hours of sleep might feel like an opportunity for productivity, but in reality, our body needs those hours you skip. Adults should get around 8 hours of sleep a night to feel rested and ready to tackle the next day. Anxiety can come from life circumstances and feelings of stress. Preparing your body with sleep is essential to get through periods of life that feel more encumbering.


Movement is another crucial component in supporting overall health. It can take many forms, from stretching in the evening to an afternoon walk or an intense workout circuit.  Our bodies and mind need to be stimulated. Festering feelings of worry or fear can get worse when you stay stagnant. Getting up and going for a walk can help you refocus your thoughts. Pushing your body during a workout can release endorphins and help you let go of tension. Movement, big or small, is a great way to take control of uncontrollable feelings.


Lean on friends and family when the anxiety feels too heavy to carry yourself. Struggling with mental health issues is not an individual journey. Having people to support you is necessary. Talking through your triggers or where the source of your anxiety is coming from with people will connect you to others and help you reflect on your emotions. Finding a therapist that works for you is a great way to understand your anxiety better and how to combat it. 


We have all heard it, but knowledge is power. Naming the experience and understanding what anxiety means is a significant step forward. Managing anxiety is different for everyone, and there are many other strategies. Finding what works for you and what experiences or situations are connected with your anxiety will strengthen your ability to handle it. This is not a task to do on your own; finding a therapist or talking with peers will help you gain new perspectives and ways to overcome it. 
Supporting your overall well-being and learning about your anxiety are productive steps in becoming healthy. Here at WMPS, we have amazing therapists who would love to walk with you at every stage of your mental health journey. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!