4 Steps to Break Out of Languishing

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Have you heard of languishing? In the psychology community, it can be described as a lack of mental health. Signs include fatigue, dissatisfaction, detachment, and an overall struggle to be positive or happy about life. At WMPS, we want to provide you with resources and support to help you improve your mental health so you can start enjoying life again. Here are a few tips to break out of languishing.

Identify The Feeling

Languishing can present itself differently for everyone. Sometimes, it’s hard to pinpoint or understand the feelings and symptoms you are experiencing. The first step in improving your mental well-being is admitting you are struggling and identifying the emotions you are experiencing. Once you know the feeling, you can start working to feel better!

Break The Cycle

Languishing can often feel like being stuck. It is easy to start feeling like your routine is mundane or boring and become frustrated. Once you recognize this feeling, it’s time to break the cycle. It’s important to get out of your regular routine and prioritize time for an activity you enjoy, whether that is going for a walk, painting, getting together with friends, or reading a book. Make time for the things you love; it keeps your mental health happy!

Finding Your Groove

Life gets overwhelming. Finding a schedule that fits everything you need and want to do is hard. To prevent languishing, finding a balance is necessary. Making a checklist is a great way to work towards balance. Staying organized and productive helps keep you motivated and feeling accomplished; then, it’s time to treat yourself. Finding a balance each day to stay motivated and nourish your mental health with things you enjoy can make life feel less like a routine and more varied. 

Be Mindful

Mindfulness is becoming more aware of ourselves and our thoughts. It is important to check in on ourselves routinely and reflect on how we respond to the stress and blessings of life. Staying in tune with ourselves and reaching out when we need help prevents languishing. Proactively educating yourself and staying connected with a community are essential to protecting our mental wellness.

Here at West Michigan Psychological Services, we encourage our clientele to prioritize their mental health by finding ways to break the cycle of languishing and reaching out for help through our resources and community. If you feel stuck or frustrated with feelings associated with languishing, we have therapists who can help! Connect with us today!